Fleet Vehicle Tracking


Whether your fleet consists of HGVs, LCVs, cars or plant and equipment, we will provide a telematics unit that has been specifically designed for your application. From self-install, plug ‘n’ play units, to fixed RH600 – Award Winning Telematics Integrated 4G vehicle camera, you can guarantee we have something to fit. All our hardware is designed, developed and manufactured at our dedicated plant in the UK so you can be assured of the highest quality and performance.

Interested in Fleet Vehicle Tracking?

From £9.99 per month plus free installation!

Trakm8 Insight

Our innovative Trakm8connectedcare product allows us to perform diagnostics monitoring, ensuring that you are aware of a potential issue before your vehicle breaks down, keeping it on the road, not in the garage.

Why Trakm8?

Trakm8prime is designed for smaller fleets and provides all the information you need to run a small fleet effectively including track and trace, driver behaviour and even vehicle health checks.

Larger fleets can take advantage of our powerful Trakm8 portal with full telematics capability including CAN Bus integration, fuel card integration, remote tacho download, and access to our full MI reporting suite.

As you’d expect, your information can be accessed whether you are in the office or on the move via the Trakm8 portal or via our Fleet Manager and Driver Apps.

Whichever solution is right for you, our in-house team has developed the most sophisticated telematics software such as the TruTac Telematics Intergration – Remote Tacho Download & Analysis software which is powerful and intuitive yet simple-to-use whatever your type of business.

Whatever your requirement, we have a telematics solution that will fit your business.


We also integrate with essential third-party systems to provide, for example, efficiency data from the vehicles CAN Bus, tachograph analysis to Protect your O-licence and even fuel cards to protect against fraudulent use.


Our Optimisation and fleet scheduling solutions deliver savings of up to 20% and a rapid return on investment by eliminating unnecessary mileage and increasing vehicle utilisation. Trakm8 Optimisation is integrated with our telematics systems, providing a powerful solution to substantially reduce your fleet costs.

Plant & Machinery

We also provide fleet vehicle tracking for plant and machinery vehicles.

Dashcams & 4G Video Streaming Cameras

Our wide range of RoadHawk dashcams have been safeguarding drivers and protecting businesses for millions of miles.

However, for fleets whose vehicles rarely return to base, the ability to retrieve videos remotely and even monitor drivers in real-time, assists in reducing driver distraction and unsafe driving practices. Our RH600 4G camera with built-in telematics provides the ability to automatically receive videos and pictures from events, stream video in real-time and provide full telematics functionality, all in one compact unit.


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From £9.99 per month plus free installation!

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